Difference between Leader and a Boss

Difference between Leader and a Boss  By Kris Fannin

Wonderful article from Intelivate (https://www.intelivate.com/team-strategy/boss-vs-leader-image)

1. Leaders Build Your Confidence. Bosses Build Your Fear.

2. Leaders Get Joy From Others’ Successes.

3. Leaders Want You to Be More Successful Than They Are. A Boss Always Wants to Be the Boss.

4. Leaders are Motivated by Passion and Purpose. Bosses are Driven by Fear.

5. Leaders Operate by Their Legacies. Bosses Operate By Their Competition.

6. Leaders Focus on What’s Right.

7. Bosses Depend on Authority. Leaders Depend on Influence.

8. A Leader Measures Success Differently Than a Boss.

9. Leaders Build Self-Accountability.

10. Leaders Want You to Feel Successful.

11. Leaders Have a High Emotional Quotient.

12. Leaders Focus on Sustainable Solutions – Not Quick Fixes.


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