'Yes, we teachers are not in it for the income. We are in it for the outcome.'

How an English teacher became a role model
"(She taught us)  to write to express and not to impress, avoid bombastic language and be simple -- writing what we mean and meaning what we write. 'Yes, Mrs Kamala's education was education of the heart where she positively made us better human beings. 'She didn't do it by lecturing, but by merely leading an upright life herself and setting an example for us. She became our role model. 'She surely proved that 'the good teacher teaches, the spiritual teacher preaches, but the successful teacher reaches.' 'Indeed, she did manage to reach our hearts and touch our souls with her love and compassion.

Read the full article at http://www.rediff.com/getahead/report/womens-day-special-how-an-english-teacher-became-a-role-model/20180308.htm

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