Top 20 Educational Chrome Apps for Teachers and Students

1. My School Note - offered by

Note management is a major issue for students. With different types of teachers and many subjects to handle, note making is an essential skill for all students. And to assist them, we have the Note management App. To get well organised without any hassles, allowing notes to be labelled, easily sent by e-mail, editor functions and picture insert options. This Note manager can be accessed using the all popular facebook.
My School Note

2. Realtimeboard for Education - offered by

Make your education process more attractive and interactive. Get people from anywhere to sit online and brainstorm, organize and share thoughts on creative projects. Enrich your discussion with multimedia and make the group more interactive due to the rich feedback options and real time features. They have tools like Six Thinking Hats, Skeleton, Random Words, Visual Story Map which are all wonderful Apps to make your class room white board experience more interactive.
RealTime Board

3. My Student Book - offered by
A web application to help the student manage his todo list, exam dates, grades, related charts and timetable management.

4. Comment Bank & Report Writer - offered by

This makes the teacher's life lot easier. It helps the teachers with 1000's of report card comments. Report writing is an essential part of a teacher's life. this software will help in comment sharing, data import, export, and even thesaurus to help them come up with better report comments.
“The software is great, really excellent. I love it already!”
“So grateful for this – took me a while to get the hang of it but the time investment was worth it. Thank you.”
"Fantastic. Thank you!"
Comment Bank & Report Writer

5. Brilliant offered by

" is finding and challenging the brightest technical talent in the world." —TechCrunch
This App will help you to grade yourself with interesting questions, it will make problem solving a fun event. Be it Mathematics or Physics, this App will provide you with Olympiad-level challenges. Moreover you can get connected with other geniuses like you.
6. Class Charts offered by

A unique software to add to every teacher's tool kit. This one is for Class room management with many useful features to handle the class better:
1. Seating Plans
2. Behaviour charts
3. Appropriate Learning Groups Co-ordination
4. Additional features of displaying Key data like reading age, SEN
5. Effective collaboration with other teachers
6. Track the improvement of Students.
7. Q&A Assessment area also included.
8. This tool is absolutely free.

7. ProProfs Quiz Maker - offered by

Make online quizes and tests instantly. Making education fun and entertaining is the basic motto. You can make your own list of questions and also by chosing from the question bank of 300,000 ready to go lists. It has options for advanced reports, grading and certification. This is surely a great add-on for all teachers.

ProProfs Quiz Maker features:
  • Mobile, Tablet & Desktop support
  • 10+ question types
  • Private & branded quizzes
  • Automated grading & certificates
  • Advanced reporting & analytics
  • 3000000+ free quiz templates save time
  • 90+ languages support
  • Track who took your quiz
  • Embed quizzes on your blog or website
  • Add videos, images or presentations
  • Earn by selling your quizzes
  • Instant notifications
  • 100000+ free quizzes
  • Upload logo & images
  • Secure your quizzes
  • Store, view & download quiz results
  • Customize quiz certificates
  • Share on Facebook, Twitter etc
 ProProfs Quiz Maker

Review of a User : Excellent app. I've used ProProfs Quiz Maker for years. Creating custom quizzes for your class is quick and easy. Once created I post links to the quizzes on my website. Reports can be sent to your email, viewed online, or downloaded as a spreadsheet file that you can manipulate. I now have a large database of quizzes that I can tweak as necessary for each group of students. I love ProProfs Quiz Maker.

8. EDUonGo - offered by

This is the one-stop home for all online academy activities, a place where you can build your online brand name, create a vibrant learning community and ensure collaboration between you and your students in the most effective manner. 

You can sell your courses effectively as well. Invite your own school students and friends. It has a comprehensive list of tools for both students and instructors.
This surely is a must try. Get your work online, manage your work efficiently, what more can you ask for from the world of Digital technology.

9. myHomework - offered by

This is a digital planner to help a student organize his life efficienty. He or she can easily track the classes, homework, examination schedule and all projects and assignments. 

This is platform independent, you can use it on an iPhone, iPad, Android, Win 8, Kindle Fire and the Web. It gives you reminders, and a beautiful calendar display, shows time support, period-based schedules. It also integrates well with a site specially made for teacher to share their
class files, dats, links and special annoucements.

10. Elementary Academic Words - offered by

This app is very useful for helping you improve your vocabulary. This is a word list manager, it helps you make Word List exercises, prict cards, quiz cards, for all subjects to grade 8. It has 4 lists: art, math, science and social science.

11. Paragraph Punch - offered by

This is a handy software app that will help you through writing a basic paragraph successfully. To make coherent paragraphs with proper body and conclusion.
·    Paces and Advances the student forward, as it clearly monitors every step of the writing process.
·    Pupils receive instant personal help throughout.
·    Teachers can easily examine the pupils' progress and time-on-task through an easy-to-use online platform.

Students can:
·    Employ writing strategies for various writing tasks.
·    make clear descriptive text.
·    Focus writing on a main idea or topic.
·    Use supporting ideas, detail, and facts to develop and elaborate on a topic.
·    Proofread to correct conventional errors in grammar, usage, and punctuation.

“My students have achieved wonderful results with Paragraph Punch.”
- Marie D. Durand Elementary School, Vineland, NJ

“Easy to use. My students love using it.”
- Moreno Valley High School, Moreno Valley, CA

12. Course Hero - offered by

Provides you with all the study resouces and flash cards to get better academic results. It is being used by more than 5 million students. Get Answers, earn Rewards, and ace in your exams.

“Course Hero saved me when I was exhausted, behind on my school work, and simply wanting to recover from having a life outside of school.” —Jill Heller, Tulane University

“One of the most useful resources available on Course Hero is 24/7 access to tutors. Even if I don’t feel like waiting for an almost-instant response, they have a substantial database of questions that have already been addressed.” —Arunava Chatterjee, University of Oregon

“Course Hero is the best online educational resource I’ve ever used. On top of that, they make it so easy to help donate books to children in Africa through the Knowledge Drive. You can study and help a great cause at the same time!” —Aska Anwar, Georgia State University

13. Scoot & Doodle - offered by

Its motto is "Draw. Play. Ideate." It wants you to Problem-solve all in real-time. This takes Google+ Hangouts to the next level and allows upto 10 students to share the canvas and video webcam, with tools for drawing, writing and uploading images or documents. 

This is a wonderful platform to get the children to enjoy the interactive process and to get experts to steer the way in the most attractive manner. Such tools are very useful to get in touch with experts form all over the world. What can be more entertaining, thrilling, educating and fun at the same time.
Scoot & Doodle

14. Movenote EDU - offered by

This Note manager allows us to exhibit our documents with video functionality. You can make your video presentations instantly, allowing you to empower your distance teaching programs, it has a very simple interface and is affordable. It allows certain customization with Google Apps.
Movenote EDU

15. Teach Starter - offered by

This website offers you with what you need, ask for it, and you get it.

"If anyone is tossing up whether to join, trust me, just do it! The resources are high quality and I have more than got my money worth with my subscription. Plus, they are always updating with new resources - I love it! You won’t be disappointed." ~ Fiona Woods, Stage 1 teacher at Sarah Redfern Public School, NSW

16. Learning Bird - offered by

This provides you with a library of teacher-based lessons. It crowd pools in the best tutorial content, helps you with many perspectives. It aligns well with the chosen curricula. Student can create their profiles and rate a given a lesson. Both educators and parents can view how the child is getting better at academics. It also has free pedogogical tools to assist the teacher in the classroom. Teachers are also rewarded with 50% revenue share if the video is rated as helpful.

“Learning Bird helps to overcome real educational challenges - that’s why I love it! It enables me, as a librarian, to nurture the relationship between teachers and students. Students learn in different ways and teachers teach in different ways too. Learning Bird turns my library into a space that accommodates learning for all.” - Margaret, library & media specialist, New York

“I tried everything—tutors, after school programs—but nothing helped my children like Learning Bird. Their lessons are simply the most engaging. My kids actually look forward to logging in.” - Suzanne, parent, Kansas city.

“Learning Bird is a breath of fresh air in its sector. It provides a platform for teachers to help students, and in turn for students to succeed with the specialised help that they need. Learning Bird doesn't just have inspirational teachers but it's driven by inspirational leaders, constantly innovating to improve education for everyone.” Chris, Google certified teacher, Montreal

17. Schoology - offered by

This an award-winning learning solution. So you can expect some really good utility from it. It's like the facebook of school education, a platform for educational media.

Testimonials and Reviews
1. Very impressive LMS in both free and Enterprise versions. Can be used for an electronic gradebook, digital classroom, PD coursework, online assessments, learning community communications, etc. Its integration with other things like GoogleDrive, DropBox and Evernote extend its capabilities beyond the LMS itself.
2. It's amazing and I just realized that the UI is just like fb.
3. The software on the website is great, its just like Facebook so kids and teachers already know how to use it. The only thing is that the app is just a link to the website.


18. LearnBoost - offered by

This is a handy tool to cater to the basic needs of class room management, that is for monitoring grades, attendance, lesson plans and reports. It has the support of 13 languages, English, Spanish, French (Français), Chinese, Italian (Italiano), Arabic, Romanian (Româna), Portuguese (Português), Vietnamese, Turkish, Dutch, Urdu and Hindi. It has many features like Gradebook, lesson planner, calendar, attendance, reports, sharing, data transfer, mobile enabling. It is free and easy to use, very less training required. It integrates well with your google account, makes stunning easy-to-understand charts. It improves home and school interaction. It has many safety and security features. It has active development support, so this is a must try.


19. School in Mobile - offered by

Say good bye to heavy text books, all knowledge is within your finger tips. This app provides for each chapter the following features: ready-made nots, summary video option, and quiz features. More content would also be regularly uploaded for your benefit free of charge. The basic motto is to go the green way, get digital and say good bye to paper.
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Testimonials and Review
"I loved the ease of using the app, and various options to choose. The resolution and flow is great! Extremely useful for students, teachers and anyone looking to expand their knowledge on various subjects."
School in Mobile

20. Schoolshape - offered by

This is based on Individually Tailored Learning. This helps teacher to get motivated. Schoolshape helps the teacher to set activities for students to complete online. It has the additional features of audio, video, multiple choice questions and attractive games. It also provides some ready to use resources.

"Schoolshape has excited some teachers to the point that they are looking forward to coming back to school!!!" (The Bolles School, Jacksonville, Florida)

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