Improve your thinking, save energy, here are the basic Steps in Critical Thinking

Keys to Critical Thinking
Stop and Think
Recognize Assumptions
Evaluate Information
Draw Conclusions
Plan of Action

We must break down the thinking process into concrete and clear steps and questions.

6 Critical Questions: 6 things to think about when someone has something to say

1. Who - Who said it? 
Someone you know?
Someone famous?
Someone in authority?
Should it matter who said it?

2. What - What did they say? 
Did they give facts or opinion?
Did they give all the facts?
Did they leave something out?

3. Where - Where did they say it? 
Was it in public or in private?
Did other people have a chance to talk about the other side?

4. When - When did they say it? 
Before, after, or during an important event?

5. Why - Why did they say it?
Did they explain their opinions?
Were they trying to make someone look good or bad?

6. How - How did they say it?
Were they happy, sad, angry, or didn't care?
Did they write it or speak it?
Could you understand it?

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