Right to Education 2010: A 231000 Crore April Fool Joke?

What happened to the 231000 Crore Rupees or 36 Billion Dollars invested in the last five years allotted for Education for the Children of India?

It was just five years ago on April 1st 2010 that the country got the "Right to Education" of every child into a fundamental one. Sri Manmohan Singh the Prime Minister of India on that day announced, "We are committed to ensuring that all children, irrespective of gender and social category, have access to education. An education that enables them to acquire the skills, knowledge, values and attitudes necessary to become responsible and active citizens of India." The first question is why did it take so long for the Government of India to make education a fundamental right, did it take more than 50 years? And secondly, what does the Prime Minster mean by skills, knowledge, values and attitudes necessary to become responsible and active citizens?

I wish to re-quote his words, he mentions:
1. Access to education
2. Skills
3. Knowledge
4. Values
5. Attitudes

Five years have passed, and what has been the result? When we look at the current education system and its state, we clearly see that it is the exact opposite of what Prime Minister Manmohan Singh mentions.

What will our current Prime Minister Narendra Modi do?
What will be the result after another five years?

The Act prohibits the school administrators and teachers from the following:
(a) physical punishment and mental harassment;
(b) screening procedures for admission of children;
(c) capitation fee;
(d) private tuition by teachers and
(e) running of schools without recognition

Every thing the RTE Act prohibits is exactly what we find flourishing in most parts of Central and Northern India barring a few states. So was this another 36 Billion Dollar Education Investment Joke on the people of India?

Constructive Criticism

The people who drafted the Act were in a hurry to serve goals other than education:
  • just to make a new sweet sheep-skin for the corrupt wolf within, 
  • they never considered implementation procedure, 
  • no benchmarks for the quality of education, 
  • what about the parents of the children, parenting skills included?
  • and what about the children under the age of 6?
  • what is the exact promised goal presented before a parent during school admission?
  • has it curtailed the Caste-ridden Mentality amongst teachers?
  • the Act also infringes on the rights of private and religious minority schools to carry out their system.
  • did they just copy-paste the policies of the the earlier Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan and the District Primary Education Programme DPEP, both of which failed to do the job.
  • what about he mind-blowing levels of corruption that exist within the program?
  • are all such programs used as conduits to siphon of funds for vested interests?
What is this April 1st joke written on the foreheads of our children?
What are the solutions?


Before we talk about Solutions to the problems of our Education System, we need to ask many questions.

1. First we need to ask about the exact level of education of the people who drive the nation?
2. Who are the people who truly design the educational policies of this nation?
3. Next, are the HRD politicians the true drivers of this nation?
4. Then, what have the social scientists contributed so far to bringing forth results?
5. Do we have any past success stories?
6. If yes, can the success stories be replicated in every region of India?
7. Are there case studies of places in other parts of the world that have achieved success?
8. What is missing in our current Education System?

These are the questions we must first ponder over before we can deliberately arrive at successful solutions.

We have the money, 231000 Crore Rupees is not a small amount, we have the intelligent human resource. We have the great vision. So then what is missing is real action.

- Sarasan, Qualiterate Movement

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