Realtime - Top Apps for Educational and Management: Skeleton, Six Thinking Hats, Visual Story Map


Six Thinking Hats
Use this creative tool to enhance group collaboration and individual thinking

Empathy Map
Discover insights about your customers in a simple and visual way.

Visual Story Map
Create your awesome stories using CAST method and rock your audience!

Random Words
Encourage your imagination to find insights on the problem you are facing

Look, Mock, Analyse
Boost your creative process with this simple and effective tool

Mind Map
Grow your ideas and projects naturally, see the big picture at one glance

Business Model
Osterwalder's canvas helps you define your business model in a graphic way

SWOT Analysis
Use this classic template to analyze your project... Visually!

Gantt Chart
Plan your projects and see all the tasks and milestones at one glance.

Interactive Prototyping
Simply mock-up an interface in real time

Venn Diagram
Visualise a complex idea as a simple scheme of circles

See the causal links and analyse the potential problems of your project with this classic approach

Customer Journey Map
Understand and improve your customers experience with this visual tool

Design a schedule together with your team

Agile Task Manager
Manage your workflow in a highly flexible way

Project Canvas
See the big picture of your project with Jim Kalbach's project canvas

Discuss Web Design
Avoid routine emailing, keep all the versions on one board

A great example of visualising educational topics

Learn how to create infographics on a wonderful example from Simple Square

Event Management
Exchange ideas with experts and audience all over the world

Create Proposal
Explore the infographic "How to create a proposal in 5 steps"

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