Popular Educational Chrome Apps and Websites 2015

Have quick access to some of the most populat Educational Chrome Apps and Websites of 2015

1. My School Note
Website: http://myschoolnote.enginestart.org

2. Realtime Board
Website: https://realtimeboard.com/index/

3. StudentBook
Website: www.mystudentbook.com

4. Voice Recognition for Students
Website: https://dictation.io

5. Brilliant 
Website: brilliant.org

6. Class Charts
Website: www.classcharts.com

7. ProProfs Quiz Maker
Website: www.proprofs.com/quiz-school

8. EDUonGo
Website: www.eduongo.com

9. myHomework
Website: myhomeworkapp.com

10. Elementary Academic Words
Website: www.enk12.com

11. Paragraph Punch
Website: www.meritonlinelearning.com/OLMS/Log

12. Course Hero
Website: https://www.coursehero.com

13. Scoot & Doodle
Website: scootdoodle.com

14. Movenote EDU
Website: https://www.movenote.com

15. Teach Starter
Website: teachstarter.com

16. Learning Bird
Website: https://www.learningbird.com

17. Schoology
Website: www.schoology.com

18. LearnBoost
Website: learnboost.com

19. School in Mobile
Website: schoolinmobile.com

20. Schoolshape
Website: schoolshape.com

21. Comment Bank & Report Writer
Website: www.schoolreportwriter.com

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