Get your life more meaningful and fullfilled , come teach on Saturdays: Karnataka Government

  • Submit personal details
  • Educational qualifications
  • ID card
  • Domain knowledge
  • List the number of Saturdays you can teach
  • Contact the headmaster of the school where you wish to teach, and enlist yourself.

"Shalege banni Shanivaara, Kaliyalu Needi Sahakara" is the slogan of this programme. S. Jayakumar, Director, Department of State Educational Research and Training, this is the first attempt by the government  to bring in citizen participation in education. The teaching slots are between 7.30 a.m. and 12 pm on voluntary basis. Volunteer teachers will be accompanied by a government teacher in the classroom.

The scheme plans to improve quality of teaching and provide exposure to millions of students of 48,909 government schools of the Karnataka State from July 2015.

Why did they or we not start this 60 years ago?
When will other states implement this awesome scheme?
How can we assisst this scheme and ensure success?
How can we  protect this scheme from obstacles?

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