Thoughts on Education by Sarasan SE

"Education must solve human problems. The Quality of an Education System can be judged by its ability to solve human problems. Education for any other purpose is miseducation."

"The greatest hindrance to Quality Education are the false precepts and ideas that trap people and send them astray from the path of the highest aspirations for human values"

"The society is not the root cause of human problems. It's the mistakes of the drivers of the society who are to be blamed for the man-made problems that exist in the world today."

"We have immense technology in our hands but it must be used to empower human sociology at all times. There should be no exception to this rule in normal circumstances."

"We must strive to improve the intelligence, awareness, courage, aspirations and physiological infrastructure of the student to gear up to face the problems of this world and to strive for a life of immense satisfaction."

"The greatest enemies of humankind are false medicines and anti-human ideologies that find manifestation in the minds of the most powerful people on earth."

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