This thought by Maya Angelou's mother teaches us...

This thought by Maya Angelou's mother teaches us many things.

1. It teaches us that Literacy is not Education. Almost all human beings that can speak are Audio-literate, whereas those who can read and write are Script-Literate.

2. Secondly, schools provide knowledge which might not tally with the actual reality. And those who are far from school have more better understanding of the human problem.

3. Thirdly, schools are tools of propaganda, and can be used for nefarious ends by the government leaders. The human population rarely doubts the intentions of the School Syllabus and Curriculum.

4. Finally, it teaches us that we must not be tolerant of ignorant behaviour which greatly harms humanity. It clearly highlights the need to have an aware mind that has high aspirations and a resounding control over its own destiny.

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