The Plague of Fancy Education Philosophies

The world today is being plagued by fancy fake educational philosophers. Their main aims are to give false guidance, to make handicaps out of intelligent children. By the art of giving away freedom to children in such a manner that they become clearly enslaved by the shadow buttons placed to mind control them under illusion of having freedom.

The disgusting direct and indirect goals that these philosophers have for themselves are:
1. Create and empower a massive infrastructure for mind control under the garb of freedom etc.
2. Distract the people towards Technology gimmicks and to ignore the real human problems.

Technology must always be used for a singular purpose alone, that is to empower humanity, nothing else.

According to my research, the true goals of education should be:
1. To put an end to direct and indirect mind control of the young and weak.
2. To ensure that every aspiration is directed towards betterment of humanity.

Sadly, our global education system is now being diseased by false ideologies and we must keep away from them.
Annie Murphy Paul with her womb nonsense and due to such dysfunctional fancy ideas, the children of UK and US children are now into sex porn based economy for survival. Such fancy ideas are false medicines and lead the nations towards poor quality education.

Arvind Gupta and his fancy show here cannot solve any problems of India. Fancy solutions should be kept in the circus show and career in circus and not to decide how the education system should run.

Sir Ken Robinson, to be knighted by the dying British Monarchy means to have done much crime to humanity. Making silly jokes and getting popularity brownie points does not solve the real problems of the UK education system.

Kiran Sethi runs a City using children. Why should Children be hampered with the burden of running a city? Why make them into slaves and ensure their suffering and exploitation at such an early stage?

Neil Turok here wants to find the next Einstein in Africa, this is to again emphasize on the myth that Africa needs Europe's help to save it from its own problems.

All such fake education thinkers and propagandists must never be allowed to enter the field of Education.

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