Education Researcher Sugata Bose: A failure?

Sugata Mitra from Delhi was TED Prize winner for the year 2013.

His "School in the Cloud" basically emphasizes on two things:
1. Children running the show
2. Going Digital.

Using these two basic themes, he has won much popularity and awards in the mainstream business of fake education.  In fact, Sugata Mitra has not changed anything in India even after decades of work. Both the themes are extremely dangerous for us to solve human problems.

The problem with Elite-bred Sugata Mitra is that he just takes the School based propaganda to the Digital level and moreover to places of the world that have miraculously escaped from the fake education system that is prevalent worldwide.

Secondly, the idea to give power to children who barely have any holistic knowledge of the world is like asking a one year old baby to run an industrial complex. And by doing so, since the baby is naturally incompetent to understand, the real power to control goes to those who control him/her directly/indirectly, s/he would make decisions based on what s/he picks up sub-consciously from the very mastermind people who control him via the media and popular culture.

Therefore by giving power to the incompetent, the hidden masterminds of this world get more control of the education system and wreck havoc on the planet. Sugata Mitra is just a man of fancy terms and tools, that has headed towards all the worst results possible. 30 years of failure already. He keeps repeating his "Hole in the World", makes a few impressive speeches and is himself used as a puppet to misguide all those who meet him.

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