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This social work project wishes to carry out a quality-in-literacy oriented, rural-based socio-educational movement in the troubled regions of India. We work tirelessly against various kinds of sectional-hatred. We wish to emerge a new class of youth that is well-informed, intelligent, courageous and well-rounded in character. This project also includes the releasing of a documentary that would expose the main fallacies of our current global education system. It’s aimed to surely change the educational establishment and shatter the status-quo, protecting the youth and allowing them to rise up freely yet with the right aspirations for human values.

Allowing the Youth to Rise up 
Freely with Human Values

We Are Live Dolphins
As our diverse cultures got globalised, so did our problems and problem makers. With the lofty goal of “World Independence” in mind and India as a case study, this trailblazing  work wishes to undertake a powerful paradigm-shift in the consciousness of the Indian Youth to enable them to understand the problems of this world at a more holistic level; to elucidate out clearly who their true real enemies are and to weaken the foundations of the emerging ugly new world order.

To Shock the Educational Establishment 
and Shatter the Status-Quo

A Video Presentation discussing our Thought processes.

Transcript of the above video

Hi, my name is Sarasan, I am an Independent Researcher and a freelance teacher. My aim is to commensurate Sociology with Technology, by that I mean that we have advanced so much in technology, but we are really lagging behind when it comes to human behaviour, for instance in my country India, you can see it very clearly that we have the capabilities to send a rocket to Mars, yes we did that recently, we sent a rocket to the planet Mars, we have the ability to send nuclear warhead missiles to neighbouring countries, but what about the human condition?

In fact, we are going to build the biggest statue in the world, it will be costing around 3000 crores, right, it the most expensive project in the history of mankind to build a big statue, but what about the human condition, and right now if you check the news reports, you will find a steady increase in corruption, rapes, riots and racial hatred in the country, if you meet a person with such kind of problems, and you tell him, that see this is not a Hindu India, this is not a Muslim India, this is not a Christian India, it's not a Dalit India, it is a mother India, this country is a mother, a mother of different children from different communities serving the interests of every single citizen of this country, this applies to every other country in the world.

But somehow, people just don't accept these facts, so many elements come inside their brain and cloud their judgement. They really don't do it, some kind of sentiments, or some kind of fallacies in their logical thinking process comes along and just does not allow them to think straight, they are trapped in fact, and they are now trying their best to drag all the youngsters and students into this fiasco of human values, so there is a great need to ponder over the condition, what is the reason for this? 

And after I did my research I figured out that there is a great need to fix the education system, it has really not taught anything useful to the people, when we look at it very carefully, it is just technological advancement,  we've got computers, we've got phones, we've got cameras, but people don't have toilets, people don't have basic human values, that's still missing, so long as we don't have human values, development will mean nothing, we can have the biggest rocket, the biggest statue but human condition will always be below. 

So it is important to have technology and sociology going together in an equal manner, so to protect the youth from this madness, there is a great need to design a kind of a very powerful student movement but when I say powerful, I don't mean a large gathering and lots of likes and lots of comments and lots of followers, no, that is not what we are interested in, we are not interested in a wave, what we are interested in is a piercing movement, you see like a needle bursting a fake balloon, so by doing that we will be able to remove all these racial hatred ideologies and all these fake elements. 

And how are we going to do it? Well there are so many things that are missing in the education system like critical thinking skills, people don't even know how to think, they fall for all kinds of traps, psychological traps, there are all kinds of methods to manipulate people, people are sitting ducks for all these techniques, so enabling them or you can say empowering with them with these anti-viruses is very essential and for that we have this movement, and I call it the Qualiterate movement, for quality in literacy to protect and free the youth. 

And along with this I have plans to release a documentary and in this documentary we will be revealing extremely important information which people have never come across in the last hundred years, and we will also be revealing important facts in a creative interesting manner like through dramas and skits and all kinds of extra-curricular activities so that it would engage the youth, and somehow I have a feeling that this is going to really work, because you know if you are well prepared you know that it's going to work, this is a sure shot success and the word is guarantee, I guarantee you that this is going to work, so I am expecting your support in all the ways possible, alright, thank you.

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