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This social work project wishes to carry out a quality-in-literacy oriented, rural-based socio-educational movement in the troubled regions of India. We work tirelessly against various kinds of sectional-hatred. We wish to emerge a new class of youth that is well-informed, intelligent, courageous and well-rounded in character. This project also includes the releasing of a documentary that would expose the main fallacies of our current global education system. It’s aimed to surely change the educational establishment and shatter the status-quo, protecting the youth and allowing them to rise up freely yet with the right aspirations for human values.

Allowing the Youth to Rise up 
Freely with Human Values

Types of Intelligence

Types of Intelligence

The Best Teacher

The Best Teacher enables but is never over-reaching to ensure that the student becomes a master of the subject such that he is independent of the teacher as a result of the teaching and mastering.

Focus on the Right Goal with Right Effort

Focus on the Right Goal with Right Effort

Difference between Leader and a Boss

Difference between Leader and a Boss  By Kris Fannin

Wonderful article from Intelivate (https://www.intelivate.com/team-strategy/boss-vs-leader-image)

1. Leaders Build Your Confidence. Bosses Build Your Fear.

2. Leaders Get Joy From Others’ Successes.

3. Leaders Want You to Be More Successful Than They Are. A Boss Always Wants to Be the Boss.

4. Leaders are Motivated by Passion and Purpose. Bosses are Driven by Fear.

5. Leaders Operate by Their Legacies. Bosses Operate By Their Competition.

6. Leaders Focus on What’s Right.

7. Bosses Depend on Authority. Leaders Depend on Influence.

8. A Leader Measures Success Differently Than a Boss.

9. Leaders Build Self-Accountability.

10. Leaders Want You to Feel Successful.

11. Leaders Have a High Emotional Quotient.

12. Leaders Focus on Sustainable Solutions – Not Quick Fixes.


The Appropriate Learning and Work Zone

The Appropriate Learning and Work Zone

We learn very less when we are in our Comfort Zone, but when we stretch ourselves to the appropriate level, then we learn more, but if we push ourselves over the limits of discomfort, then we suffer stress and can be a great danger to your health and work flow.

While this model can help you as an individual, it can also help you when coaching others. Firstly, remember that everyone’s comfort, stretch and panic zones are different, so you can use the model to have a coaching conversation to explore the feelings and physiological responses that individual experiences in each zone. Writing them down or talking about them, using past examples, can heighten their self-awareness. Then, the conversation can focus on the future and explore how to manage and change their behavior or situation, if possible, to enable them to grow. Even if a situation feels like it’s impossible to change, their choice in how they react to it can be.

Everyone’s comfort, stretch and panic zones are different
As a leader, through observing and asking the right coaching stretch questions, you can gain an understanding of your team’s zones. Ensure that the types of challenges they receive allow them to frequently stretch and develop themselves without pushing them into their panic zone for long periods of time. This strategy will ultimately lead to a motivated and engaged team of people who can recognize and choose their own responses to allow greater learning, innovation and growth.

“if you want to feel secure
do what you already know how to do.
but if you want to grow…
go to the cutting e.g. of your competence,
which means a temporary loss of security.
so, whenever you don’t quite know
what you are doing
that you are growing…”

(David Viscott, 2003)

See: https://trainingindustry.com/articles/performance-management/comfort-stretch-and-dont-panic/


To all the truth tellers out there, who give their energy to educate, inspire and spread knowledge. Keep up the good work. I know it can be tiring but you were born a leader and that's what leaders do. The world thanks you for your gift.

The Truth leads

Bow down to the Truth or else live a lie.

Education must empower not exploit.

Education must empower not exploit. Teachers should not implement exploiting business patterns on their students, Doctors must not implement exploiting business patterns on their patients.

6 Reasons People Who Compete With Themselves Are The Most Successful

6 Reasons People Who Compete With Themselves Are The Most Successful


6 Reasons People Who Compete With Themselves Are The Most Successful
1. You Have A Much Healthier Measure Of Your Success
2. You Get A Better Sense Of What You Are Capable Of
3. You Embrace More Of The Unknown
4. You Get To Define Your Own Success
5. You Become That Much More Free Of People's Judgment
6. You Will Never Rest On Your Laurels

‘Speak for Kalam’ elocution competition for students


The Hindu Group is conducting an elocution competition for students from classes 9 to 12 on ‘Speak for Kalam’. Classes 9 and 10 students can register under the junior level and classes 11 and 12 under the senior-level category.

Top three winners from both the categories will be given Tabs by BYJU’s - The Learning App. The competition will be held in the second week of November, with the finale on November 23.
The presenting sponsor for the event is REVA University, the learning partner BYJU’S - The Learning App, nutrition partner Nandini KMF, and stationery partner MSIL Vidya and Lekhak.

For details, call 9742345039/8970636149. For trade enquirers, call 9379220005/9739273958.

Attention Exercises

  1. Divided Attention
  2. Double Decision
  3. Zone Alertness
  4. Mixed Signals
  5. Target Tracker
Each of our Attention exercises is designed to challenge the brain to focus its attention. Click the link below to learn about each. https://www.brainhq.com/why-brainhq/about-the-brainhq-exercises/attention

The Purpose of Education

The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.

The Brain, Heart and Gut Relatioship

The Brain, Heart and Gut Relationship

Paying attention to attention - How to Tame Your Wandering Mind

The truth is, human beings use 100 percent of their brain capacity. The brain is a highly efficient, energy-demanding organ that gets fully utilized and even though it is at full capacity being used, it suffers from a problem of information overload. There's far too much in the environment than it can fully process. So to solve this problem of overload, evolution devised a solution, which is the brain's attention system. We can think of attention as the leader of the brain. Wherever attention goes, the rest of the brain follows. In some sense, it's your brain's boss. attention changes perception. And it does so very fast.

They tell us that attention is very powerful in terms of affecting our perception. Even though it's so powerful, it's also fragile and vulnerable. And things like stress and mind-wandering diminish its power. we take our mind away from the task at hand, about 50 percent of our waking moments. These might be small, little trips that we take away, private thoughts that we have.

Our mind is an exquisite time-traveling master. It can actually time travel very easily. If we think of the mind as the metaphor of the music player, we see this. We can rewind the mind to the past to reflect on events that have already happened, right? Or we can go and fast-future, to plan for the next thing that we want to do. And we land in this mental time-travel mode of the past or the future very frequently. What's worse is when we experience stress. When we're in a moment of overwhelm. We don't just reflect on the past when we rewind, we end up being in the past ruminating, reliving or regretting events that have already happened. Or under stress, we fast-forward the mind. Not just to productively plan. But we end up catastrophizing or worrying about events that haven't happened yet and frankly may never happen.

Solution: Mindfulness Exercises to Pay Attention to your own Attention
Mindfulness exercises are very much like physical exercise: if you don't do it, you don't benefit. But if you do engage in mindfulness practice, the more you do, the more you benefit.

Laws of Abundance

The Law of Abundance affirms that there can never be any shortage. Shortage exists only in the mind as a result of poor thinking. There is always more energy available than we could ever hope to utilize, and more is being created all the time. What your neurons focus on and believe, your body achieves. Unnecessary unsubstantial Fear and Doubt are also very destructive. Your words have a great impact on what your world will become. You state has a major role in how you create your response to Reality. It's energy that gives life to Abundance. Abundant Ripples create waves. By re-framing your mind system, you will rewire your future for the better.

You can rise up from anything

True Education is that which enables you to rise up from anything.

Education that pays

We are pleased to invite you to Education That Pays 2018 Conference.  

October 29th-30th, 2018
Kivi Milimani Hotel
Milimani Road, off Ralph Bunche Road, Nairobi, Kenya

This year's conference will be an opportunity to learn, share and connect on the theme: "Skills for All: Education for Employment, Entrepreneurship & Empowerment."

This conference provides a space for networking, sharing innovative approaches and awarding excellence in entrepreneurship education from the past year. Join us and hear from award-winning teachers, charities and business leaders from around the world. You'll also experience our Enterprise in Education Learning Lab and take part in exciting round table discussions.

To register, visit the registration form HERE. Early Bird admission at £99, approximately 13,000KES, will be open until September 25th, after which admission will be £149, approximately 20,000KES, with registration ending on October 22nd. Registration does not include costs for transportation to the venue and accommodation. Please note that we are only able to provide invitation letters for visa applications following your registration and payment in full. 

Your registration is not complete until you receive a confirmation email confirming receipt of both registration and payment.

Lunch and refreshments will be served throughout both days. Also, please join us for our annual awards gala and dinner on the evening of the 29th.

We look forward to seeing you in October!  

Note: We will be announcing speakers and programme details over the next few weeks, so please keep an eye on our website for further updates!

Best wishes,
The Education That Pays Team
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